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  • Kenyan Fort Lewis College grad to speak about African politics

    If you graduated from Fort Lewis College in 2001, you likely remember a tall Kenyan in your class. Ledama Olekina, a Maasai who is running for governor in his native country, is back in Durango.

    Olekina is scheduled to give a talk at 7 tonight at the Strater Hotel.

    He is looking for support for his candidacy, but he plans to address a number of subjects as well as his campaign.

    He will talk about African politics and the electoral process, which changed in 2010 when Kenyans voted in a new constitution. He also will talk about business and tourism opportunities for Durangoans in his state of Narok.

    For more information, email Olekina at olekina@enkanasa.com, or call him at (617) 610-9848.

    Herald Staff

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