Bieber visits girl in Utah hospital

SALT LAKE CITY ľ Millie Flamm was too sick to attend Justin Bieberĺs concert in Salt Lake City, but she got the next best thing: a visit from the pop star in her hospital room.

Bieber showed up in the 7-year-old leukemia patientĺs room at Primary Childrenĺs Medical Center before his concert Saturday night.

Her mother, Amanda Flamm, told the Deseret News that Millieĺs mood brightened when Bieber walked into the room and gave her a big hug.

ôHe was so sweet to her,ö she said. ôHe walked in, and her whole face just lit up.ö

Bieber sang a song while holding her hand and gave her his guitar pick.

ôShe is squeezing on to it with all her might and will not let it go,ö the mother said.

Bieber gave Millie a kiss on the cheek before leaving, prompting the girl to tell her mother, ôYou are never going to wash my face again.ö

Family friends launched an online campaign promoting the visit when a crushed Millie was forced to sell her concert tickets after suffering a relapse two weeks ago.

The family was not even sure Millie could meet Bieber because she had been running a fever and was on oxygen.

The visit will help Millie as she continues her cancer treatment, her mother said.

ôIt just has re-energized all of us,ö she told the Deseret News. ôWe are ready to keep going and fight harder with all this backing and this fun thing that has happened, and keep going and keep fighting.ö

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