Keeping debt ceiling would not cause default

Does anyone remember Obamaís words when he voted last time the issue came up not to raise the debt ceiling, saying we canít jeopardize our childrenís and grandchildrenís futures by mortgaging our country?

Now, he speaks from the right side of his mouth by saying Republicans are holding a gun to Americans by demanding we control spending. And out of the left side, by threatening that if the debt ceiling isnít raised, Social Security and military checks will be delayed, the survival of the American economy and the possibility of a civil uprising be damned.

Not raising the debt ceiling would bring some sanity to the federal budget and force spending to be brought under control.

Contrary to Obamaís contentions, the government would not default or shut down. Interest on the national debt is 6 percent of the nationís budget.

Revenue does not cease in a shutdown. The government will have plenty of money to pay off the debt. Only nonessential services would temporarily close, and because they are ďnonessential,Ē many should be cut anyway.

Anne Rankin


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