Photogs get jump on Mother’s Day

Courtesy of Photo Divine

Rebecca Mars, a past Photo Divine client, posed with her mom, Kim, and three sons for “Your Mama’s a Superhero.”

By Ted Holteen Herald staff writer

The last thing the sister act of Kyla Jenkinson and Wesley Sebern want to do is compete with Mother’s Day.

So the photographer owners of Photo Divine will bump things up a couple of days for their exhibition “Your Mama’s a Superhero.” Piggybacking on the downtown crowds for tonight’s Gallery Walk can’t hurt, either.

“Our business is focused on empowering women to connect with their inner and outer beauty through our photography process,” Jenkinson said. “The work we have been doing is inspired by our mom’s 30-year struggle with an eating disorder and recent recovery from a rare form of lymphoma.”

Jenkinson and Sebern photographed 37 local mothers for the show. Their mother is three years cancer-free, and “Superhero” is celebration of her and all mothers, a club of which Jenkinson also is a member. Her sister said she’s proud of both.

“When it came time to spruce up for the spring, we really related to the Mother’s Day piece of that – they just take on the world. They really are superheroes,” Sebern said. “I don’t think I’d be doing the work I do without my mom being who she is and what she’s gone through.”

A portion of the proceeds from “Superhero” will be donated to Deafinit, a nonprofit that supports deaf and hard-of-hearing children, as well as the sisters’ upcoming film “ExposurSELF.” The film is about confronting and redefining cultural standards of beauty for women.

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