Obama’s lying is worthy of impeachment

President Obama should be impeached. He is lying once again.

What? He stated we have added 162,000 new jobs in the month of July.

How did he do this? Obama’s health care has caused small businesses to place full-time employees on less than 30 hours a week. Then small businesses might hire an employee for 10 hours to make up for a full-time employee.

He recently referred to scandals in his administration as “phony scandals.” The three, most quoted, are IRS, Benghazi and the invasion of private email and phone calls being recorded.

Are there additional phony scandals? Possibly. Still, no hospital certificate just a newspaper article of his birth in Hawaii, Columbia University studies, Harvard studies. The list doesn’t end here. What of his stimulus spending for national recovery? What of those Americans who were awarded additional unemployment weeks of payment? What of his promise to be a “transparent” political administration. What of all his presidential usage on policies that by-pass congress. What of his haughtiness when he states, “I won’t sign this legislation into law?” What of his numerous vacations? Is he an American president or is he a typical Chicago-style politician? What happened to the”red line” in Syria’s use of poisonous gases?

Do you want more? I suggest that you search the Internet for more information.

Fred Gale


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