Draw from Roberta Barr’s sincerity, kindness

I would like to express my sincerest sorrow at our community’s loss of such a wonderful woman – Roberta Armstrong Barr. I never had the honor of meeting Barr in person; however, I have been touched over the years by the stories told to me by my mother and grandmother from Barr’s time as a school principal.

Her sincerity and kindness are models that I will follow as I pursue my own path to becoming a teacher. This past fall, I was deeply flattered and touched to have been awarded the Barr scholarship through the Teacher Education Department at Fort Lewis College.

I am a first-generation college student, a wife and a mother, among other things. I could not afford to attend college without the generous assistance offered to me by Barr.

She believed in me, and I vow that I will not let her down. I am ecstatic to be attending Fort Lewis and to one day have my own classroom. I have previously thanked Barr, but I would like to do so again.

Thanks to Roberta Barr for what she has done for me, for my family over the years and for this community. Many blessings to her.

She shall be dearly missed.

Sarah Armstrong


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