Follies just a little ‘Less Miserable’

STEVE LEWIS/Durango Herald

Members of the A Cast shined on “Less Miserable” at the 2014 Snowdown Follies Media Night performance Tuesday night at the Durango Arts Center.

By Ted Holteen Herald staff writer

For those of you unable to attend the Follies – which, statistically speaking, is most of you – here’s what you’re “missing” in 2014.

There are some predictable topics – legal weed, legal plastic bags and the habits of Durangoans in general dominate this year’s scripts. Some hit fabulously, others missed horribly, but I’m not here to harp on the shortcomings of volunteer performers who put on about seven full shows for no more compensation than a few free beers.

I like to keep things positive, and if there’s one thing the Follies are, it’s positive. It’s fun, silly, at times offensive and a bit uncomfortable.

If you are fortunate enough to have a ticket for this weekend’s live shows or Animas City Theatre simulcasts, some of the standouts this year include:

The cast of “Less Miserable” – Lisa Govreau, Rebecca Gilbert, Jason Govreau and Steve Govreau – with a witty medley of parodies from the “Les Miz” soundtrack.

A slew of Follies vets – Dave Culver, Lori Coughlan, John Thomas, Chuck Fredrick and Roc E. Simmons – put an entertaining twist on a pint-sized version of The Temptations.

Ellen Lancaster, a consistently funny stalwart in the Follies family, also gets big laughs with her solo version of “Pigeons in the Park.”

And Steve and Mary Jill DeBelina and Fredrick and Penney Stahl score lots of laughs with bottles of cider in “How ‘Bout Them Apples?!?”

Also, check your programs: In the B Cast, Dawn Kast replaces Taylor Vincent as co-emcee with Dan Brown.

At this point, everyone who’s going to see the Follies has their tickets, and the rest will be on the outside looking in. A few tickets remain for the 10 p.m. Saturday night simulcast at the Animas City Theatre, but by the time you finish reading this, they might be gone, too. Better luck next year.

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