Don’t ban devices, but study health effects

This letter responds to Judith Reynolds’ political cartoon in The Durango Herald (Jan. 26), portraying a Snowdown float carrying an alien, mad scientist, poster and a banner advocating a ban on cellphones, smart meters, etc. This one-sided view is common in your op-eds, and informed readers dismiss them accordingly.

As one of those targeted, the cartoon fails to grasp our true objective: My colleagues and I do not encourage a ban on cellphones or any other wireless devices. We are encouraging our elected officials to enact regulations that require wireless devices and infrastructure such as cell towers and smart meters to be installed only after intelligent and informed review and approval. While we recognize existing Federal Communications Commission rules preclude local officials from prohibiting cell towers on the basis of public health, such barriers do not apply to how many and where cell towers should be. Nor are our officials prohibited from exercising control over the installation of smart meters.

Unlike La Plata County, large municipalities and states, based on independent evidence, have enacted stringent control over the number and location of cell towers and put in place moratoriums on the continuation of smart meter installations until health issues can be independently studied and ruled absolutely safe for the public and our environment.

Credible studies on humans reveal accumulative widespread radio frequency, or RF, can have devastating impacts on our health. Laboratory testing exposed the negative impact on animal health in a controlled RF/electro-magnetic field environment. The results are well-documented in expert testimony that went before the FCC in November 2013. The editor was given 86 pages of the FCC testimony, yet your paper chose to discredit us with your insulting cartoon.

Our group, again, is not on a mission to ban cellphones. We encourage the idea of having cell towers placed on mountain tops, out of harm’s way and to have towers removed from the Animas Valley floor. This remedy allows the RF emissions to go over us instead of through us.

Sally Florence


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