Slow down and enjoy Durango’s beauty

My wife and I moved to Durango six months ago when I took a new job, and we love this place. What has impressed us is the warmth and friendliness of the people who have welcomed us, as well as the charm, culture and beauty of this town and mountainscape.

We both say practically every day, “I can’t believe we get to live here.” However, the only thing puzzling me is how fast is seems people drive, even downtown on Main Avenue. I know we all have places to go and things to do, but as a newcomer, may I just suggest to slow down a little, relax and just admire where you live. The weather is turning nice, so people are out walking and jogging, out with their dogs, biking – not to mention the deer returning to the valley floor.

And be careful at crosswalks and slow down as you approach, as I have almost been hit twice after looking and thinking it was safe. So please, slow down a little. You will get where you need to be in plenty of time because the town is not that big. Just cruise and enjoy the beauty of Durango that’s all around you.

Jim Dodson


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