Double Doll is the first in a three-part memoir by former Durango resident Sharleen Daugherty.

A life woven through 2 cultures

In the summer of 1950, when Sharleen Daugherty was 8 years old, her father took her to the Navajo Nation, where he gave her a rag doll with a Navajo face and body on one end and an Anglo face and body on the other.

The doll resonated with her, even at that age, symbolizing a desire she couldn’t yet articulate to bridge a gap between the two cultures.

Daugherty grew up, married and become a business consultant working...

Arts Briefs

Super Trivia event to raise funds for DAC

Trivia buffs can test their knowledge of useless information Wednesday at Super Ted’s Super Trivia, a fundraiser for the Durango Arts Center.

The event will take place at 6:12 p.m. in the DAC Theatre, 802 East Second Ave. Teams of up to five members will compete in several rounds of trivia in subjects like history, geography, sports and entertainment. Prizes will be awarded to the overall winning team and the winners of each round, and there will be individual prizes as well.

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