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The Great Recession may be taking its sweet time ending, but local entrepreneurs aren’t waiting. In recent weeks...

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Free gardening workshop teaches cover cropping

Have you ever thought about cover cropping for your garden? Not really sure what that means or why you should do it? As part of the first workshop of the 2015 Ohana Kuleana Community Garden Workshop Series, community garden manager Mia Carrasco-Songer will cover some of the basics of soil health and how to use cover crops to cultivate healthy soil.

“The best thing we can do to grow great vegetables is to really focus on the soil and growing healthy, living soil,” Carrasco-Songer said. According to Carrasco-Songer, you can help to grow healthy soil by planting cover crops in your garden during the off-season. These crops help crowd out the weeds you don’t want and enable the soil food web to keep thriving.

Workshop participants will learn how to test their soil and choose the right cover crops and also will get hands-on experience seeding a cover crop for the community garden. This free...

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