EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy says new rules to protect the nation’s drinking water will af...

EPA issues water, stream rules

WASHINGTON – Drinking water for 117 million Americans will be protected under new rules shielding small streams, tributaries and wetlands from...

Earth Briefs

Tips to protect your home from bears

Colorado Parks and Wildlife asks residents to keep bears away from their homes by using these tips:

Keep garbage in a well-secured enclosure.

Put out garbage only on the morning of pickup.

Take down all bird feeders.

Attract birds naturally with flowers and water baths.

Clean garbage cans regularly to keep them odor free.

If there isn’t secure storage, put items that might become smelly into the freezer until trash...

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  • Eco Brokers

      One man, in Evergreen, CO saw the need for real change in housing and real estate. Well aware of the major impact on climate change caused by, buildings and their energy needs, real estate brokers are learning how to get smarter with the use of sustainable choices, in construction, energy conservation and plain common […]

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