Paleontology student Hillary McLean pieces together the tusk of an ancient mastodon, part of an exte...

Clues to an ancient, warmer Earth

DENVER – A trove of ancient bones from gigantic animals discovered in the Colorado mountains is providing scientists with a fascinating look...

Earth Briefs

Seedling trees available for conservation planting

The Colorado State Forest Service is accepting applications on a first-come, first-serve basis for more than 40 varieties of low-cost seedling trees and shrubs grown at its Fort Collins nursery. Seedlings ordered now will be distributed statewide next spring.

Coloradans who are interested in conservation goals such as creating natural windbreaks, improving wildlife habitat or reforesting properties affected by wildfire or floods are eligible to purchase the low-cost...

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  • The Garden Project

    At a time when industrial food, produced with pesticides, GMO ingredients and chemical preservatives, is the norm, families across the country are turning to the soil for a saner future. Join us to hear about a rising number of people who are gardening for fun and health, saving money along the way, with a growing […]

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