Residents enjoy spring birthdays and anniversaries

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 3:27 PM

By Ann Butler

Neighbors columnist

It’s winter in the mountains and spring down below for the birthdays of:

Samuel Brown, Virginia Rohr, Shirley Drover, Mary Marugg, Dana Siekman, Joyce Watt, Michael Kevin Swinderman, Jack Kloepfer, Rick Kniffin, Ben Roberts, Paul Wainwright, Chip White, Peter Rudolph, Vicki Armstrong, Sheila Casey, Sunny Pulliam, Sue Cowan, Katie Kloepfer, Bette Hart, Paige Porter, Niki Moore, Martha Simpson, Chris Aalund, Wanda Caldwell, Irene Short, Emrys Tyler, Matthew Lavengood, Alex Salter, Marty Knickerbocker, Charlie Buhl, Brian Drover, Sara Tyler, Melissa Watt, Jane Wright, Rhonda Polsfut, Charlie Kolb, Scott Kuhn, John Stordahl, Amy Wilson, Andy Schaaf, Lee Ann Harbison and Janet Wheeler.

HHHBouquets of tulips will celebrate the anniversaries of Scattie and Bob McGrath, Jack and Lauri Kloepfer and Karen and Geoff Overington.

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