Spring breezes blow in happy wishes for celebrants

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 4:42 PM

By Ann Butler

Neighbors columnist

After a column that was in a pirate mood, there will be no walking of the plank for the birthdays of:

Ed Cash, Wayne Hose, Dennis Polsfut, Arden Peters, Sarah Maxted, Charlie Hakes, Doug Shand, Nika Patterson, Josh Poole, Kyle Cheesewright, Judy Fairchild, Caroline Kinser, Betsy Clark, Connor Collins, Tracy Cornutt, Dan Halseth, Sherry Brown, Bruce Diro, Nathaniel Forsyth, Ben Barker, Logan Lowe, Jeffrey Wince, Cheryle Brandsma, David Smith, Ron Williams, Kate Scott, Linda Selser, Suzanne Sutherland, Julia Ranasinghe, Jessica Cox, Nancy Ottman, Dorman McShan, Libby Cowles, Rick Legrand, Elizabeth Salkind and Bella Kidd.

Special greetings go out to Gifford Holt, who turns 85 this week!

HHHEnjoying a hearty buss (sorry, the pirate theme is a little more challenging for anniversaries) are Mike and Paula Kirchner, Bud and Sandy Beebe, Tom and Dottie Robinson, Chuck and Janet Williams and Ron Risner and Judy Simmons.

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