Change comes with the 36th year of Clubhouse Porch

Friday, April 21, 2017 5:40 PM

Someone once told me if you can not deal with change, you will be left behind. Advice well taken as changes have taken place to bring everyone up to speed in this rapid-paced media environment.

That being said, welcome to the new twice-monthly Clubhouse Porch which comes to you in the Saturday weekend edition. I will attempt to bring you up to speed on recent results and upcoming events while having to trim results down a bit. So that means make sure you win your flight to see your name in print. Just kidding!

Our area courses went through a roller-coaster winter season with periods of snow and then dry spells. However, this seemed to strengthen the root systems and the fairways came out looking pretty good. Credit the grounds crews for jumping on the early season to manicure the links and create those wonderful out-of-bounds we are so fond of.

Tournament season is now underway and later on I will fill you in on results of two events that are in the books. For now, let’s get you in gear on what is happening at our area courses.

Hillcrest Golf ClubHillcrest has an adult clinic scheduled for 5:45 p.m. April 26. There is a waiting list for entries if someone drops out, but it will not hurt to go to the clubhouse and sign-up anyways. If you get in, the cost is $25 per person with emphasis on the golf swing and basic instruction.

One of the annual rites of spring is the opening night dinner for the Hillcrest Women’s Golf Association, which will be held Monday, May 1. The cost is $10 per person, and the membership to the Association for 2017 is $20. The sign-up sheet is in the clubhouse, but please sign up no later than Friday, April 28.

Saturday, the JTM Music A-B-C-D Blind Draw Scramble in being contested at Hillcrest, and I will have results to you May 6.

The next event on the Hillcrest calendar is the Express Employment Professionals-Horse Race Shootout Format on May 6. There is $500 in added prize purse and an entry fee of $45 per person, which includes lunch. Sign up in the clubhouse for this fun event.

Dalton Ranch Golf ClubLooking ahead on the tournament calendars, the first unofficial Ladies Day event will take place April 26 at Dalton Ranch with a shotgun start at 9 a.m. The DRGA Women’s Association spring meeting will be on May 17.

The first monthly Dalton Ranch Couples event will be at 1 p.m. May 7 with shotgun start. Check with the pro shop for sign-up info.

Hopin’ We’re Open

April 15, Dalton Ranch

Championship Flight

Low Gross

1. Shea Sena, Aaron Sinberg, 64.2. Boyd Hodges, Dave March, 67.Low Net

T1. Rex Doyle, Adrian Morse; Tyler Coates, Mickey Walsh, 62.4.First Flight

Low Gross

1. Brian Cartwright, Mike Davis, 67.2. John Betka, Barney Hinkle, 70.Low Net

1. Mike Balster, Toby Lirot, 61.6.2. Brad Caskey, Roger Hayes, 65.4.Second Flight

Low Gross

1. Jerry Dickenson, Andy Dougherty, 71.2. Rick Norton, Tom Schiltgen, 73.Low Net

1. Tyler Bohning, Justin Rangel, 63.3.2. John Mower, Tony Moreta, 64.3.Third Flight

Low Gross

1. Jeff Brown, Ryan Poppe, 73.2. Walt Hammond, Tom Kaufman, 75.Low Net

1. Jeff Markel, Jesus Raigoza, 63.3.2. Brian Kampf, Mike Malone, 66.1.Iced Tees Tournament

April 15, Hillcrest

Men’s A Flight

T1. Gavin and Justin Lyons, 67.Men’s B Flight

T1. Eric and Everett Brown, 70.Men’s C Flight

1. Jim Howell, 72.Men’s D Flight

1. Pat Otero, 68.

Women’s Flight

1. Laurel Waters, 75.Dave Bray has covered the local golf scene for 36 years. He can be reached at