Lightner Creek Fire burning itself out

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 7:33 PM
During the Lightner Creek Fire, a spot fire broke out east of the original fire June 28. The fire is burning itself out, but it is unknown how long that might take.

Firefighters were monitoring the Lightner Creek Fire by helicopter Tuesday to make sure it didn’t jump containment lines.

It could take days, or possibly up to a week or two before the fire is out, said Scot Davis, spokesman for fire operations.

“On the west side of (County Road) 207, that was a hot fire and burned into some big fuels,” he said.

Large trees in particular still have a lot of heat inside of them, he said.

The Lightner Creek Fire started Wednesday at a home, and that night, an ember sparked a second fire that became the larger blaze near Perins Peak. The only structure destroyed from the fire was the home where it started.

Firefighters are now allowing the fire to burn itself out, which consumes fuels and helps prevent future fires.

The helicopter monitoring the fire is based at the Old Fort Lewis campus in Hesperus, and it is making sure the fire doesn’t spread beyond the burned area, he said.

Residents of county roads 207 and 208 and the surrounding area should expect to see more smoke and glowing spots for days to come within the containment lines, a news release said.

If residents spot a fire in green areas, they should call 911, but it not necessary to report fires within the burned area, Davis said.

The Durango Fire Protection District responded to about three reports of fire that were within the contained area Monday night, he said.

“All those take us away from other calls,” he said.

It is common for residents to be vigilant after a wildfire, but they should use their discretion, he said.