Grab friends, family for a golf round this fall

Friday, Sept. 8, 2017 4:43 PM

What makes golf a unique sport for the ages? The chance to play the game with friends, perfect strangers and family.

I highlight the latter when I ran into a former fellow employee this week as I was waiting to go into the clubhouse at Hillcrest Golf Club. A truck pulled in next to me in the parking lot. Stepping out of the passenger side was my friend and avid golfer, Van.

Van, who dresses to a tee – no pun intended – and sporting a perfectly tied argyle patterned tie, introduced me to his brother from South Dakota who was visiting. They both were going out for a round of golf on his second day in town. Moments, or should I say opportunities, like this are not to be taken for granted. Enjoyment of the game, albeit competitive at times, must be just that – enjoyment with friends, new found friends and, most of all, family. Thanks Van for my bullet points this weekend.

As this is my penultimate column for the season, I want to highlight the remaining tournament events for September and October.

Hillcrest Golf ClubHillcrest will host the Fiesta Mexicana Fall Classic on Saturday followed by the Dave Peterson Memorial Tournament on Sept. 30, which involves the use of only three clubs and a putter.

All season, designated tournaments have been earmarked from results to be included in the Todd Sieger Shootout-Coldwell Banker Heritage House Realtors event Oct. 7. This event is followed by a new event at Hillcrest on Oct. 14, as the Par-Three Tournament-Professional Case Management event will be contested. And, get this, all 18 holes will be played as par-3s!

Dalton Ranch Golf Club Dalton Ranch will host the monthly Couples Tournaments on Sept. 10 and Oct. 1. The Los Pistoleros Tournament will be held Sept. 23-24, while the Men’s Senior Club Championship will be contested on Oct. 7-8. The season at Dalton will wrap up Oct. 28 with The Mailman.

Now for some results:

Modified Stableford Tournament

Sept. 24, Hillcrest

First Flight

1. Patrick Gaughan, 26 points.2. Dan Carlson, 24.T3. Susan Atzman, Morgan Miller, 23.Second Flight

T1. Bob Therrel, Jim Rodefer, 25.3. Mike Goen, 24.Third Flight

1. Libby DeHaan, 25.2. Deni Dorminy, 22.3. Carol Campbell, 20.WGA Hardest Hole

Aug. 22, Hillcrest

18-Hole First Flight

1. Aimee Fladt, 43.18-Hole Second Flight

1. Janet Monell, 55.9-Hole Event

1. Val Munro, 29.WGA Beat the Pro

1. Carol Campbell, Libby DeHaan, 57.WGA Same Nine Twice

Aug. 23, Dalton Ranch

First Flight

1. Kitsy Williams, 29.Second Flight

1. Marlene Gebhardt, 29.5.Dave Bray has covered the local golf scene for 36 years. He can be reached at