Durango is not the town it used to be

Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017 6:01 PM

I just read online about a person objecting to dogs in Durango. That was a bit astounding to me – because I love seeing dogs around town and even in stores.

But what I could not believe was the part about a lawsuit against a store by a person who tripped over a little water dish in the store. The person sued and won? Yes, and won a quarter-million dollars the article said.

How could this happen? Pretty soon people won’t want to come to this town at all. I am local – have been for 70 years, and I used to really like Durango but not now. And I am one among many. Things have change for the worse. The people are not very friendly and the service is often poor.

Durango used to be a great place to come and shop, have a good time and find some good food. Not now. But this dog water dish lawsuit is way over the top!

Marilyn Colyer