Petersen: The loonies are loose

Sunday, March 4, 2018 4:00 PM

Long ago, America’s greatest Republican president, Theodore Roosevelt, cautioned that due to its populist nature, the process of democracy will always be under attack by a frenetic “lunatic fringe.” Yet, he expressed his confidence in the intelligence and fairness of the American people to keep the loonies, who would disrupt democracy, where they belong ... on the fringe and out of power.

Currently, Teddy’s advice has been forgotten and, from the Beltway to Denver, the loonies are at least temporarily in charge. Emboldened by this Trumpian atmosphere, our local loonies are doing their best to disrupt orderly democracy right here in La Plata County with their unjustified, mean-spirited and groundless attacks of Commission Gwen Lachelt.

Gwen was legally elected, twice, and has performed far better than a majority of commissioners I have experienced in my 37 years here, from either party. Let’s put the loonies back where they belong: way out on the fringe.

David Petersen