Getting something done on school safety

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 6:14 PM

We have formed a group that is focused on safer schools here in Durango. There will be a forum later in March to discuss the proposals that we are suggesting to the district. These are:

Metal Detectors;Closed campus to facilitate the processing at metal detectors;Enhanced security, such as increased video and ID entry systems; andA School Resource Officer at each school, which would be a city function for schools within city limits, since police are the only people currently able to have a gun in schools. We have met with the Superintendent twice, in December and January, and have also met with the city’s Chief of Police. We believe that we must act to prevent an incident here in Durango.

We feel that the solutions above are the best course to make schools safer, right now, based on current laws. We have no desire to debate national gun laws, only to make our schools safer right now.

Please feel free to attend the forum and contact the school board and City Council members to let them know if you support the proposal.

I concur with the letter from Heath Anderson (Herald, Feb. 28), our airports, football stadiums, concert venues and even our Courthouse have some of the above protections, yet we leave our kids as sitting ducks.

Let’s act locally and get something done.

Tim Maher, Etoile Henning, Laura Bohachevsky, Laurie Rawles, Kerry Tichi, and Sherri Watson – Durango Parents for Safer Schools