Hand guns will not save us from AR-15s

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 6:15 PM

A shooter in Las Vegas fired 1,100 rounds into a crowd of concert-goers in 10 minutes. That’s two shots every second, 480 people shot and 58 dead. The shooter fired from 1,500 ft away.

A shooter in Parkland hit 30 students in six minutes. Every 10 seconds another Parkland student was shot, every 20 seconds one died.

These two bad guys used assault rifles and overwhelming firepower to achieve maximum kill. Picture a military firefight, then picture those weapons being used on you or your kids in a school or a movie theater. Imagine a good guy in Las Vegas with the pistol, trying to put a bead on a shooter two blocks away while that shooter puts the crosshairs of his high-powered scope on the “good guy.” That only ends one way.

Parkland was different, but the weapon and objective were the same: maximum kill.

Trump suggested that “20 percent” of the teachers volunteer to arm themselves and take out a shooter. That combat zone literally overwhelmed the first four law officers at the scene.

Firearms serve legitimate purposes and are protected by the 2nd Amendment. Pistols, hunting rifles, and shotguns have enjoyed broad support and serve those needs. They’re designed for civilian purposes – hunting and protection.

Assault rifles are designed for purposes of war. The pistol under your coat or in your purse, or in a teacher’s desk drawer, will not protect you or your family from an assailant with an assault rifle. Nor can traditional law enforcement, as we know them.

Gerald Baumann