You can live your dreams

Friday, March 30, 2018 3:48 PM

What does “living the life of your dreams” mean to you? Don’t just quickly pass over this question. Take a few minutes to consider your answer. What does living the life of your dreams truly mean to you?

Write down anything that comes to you about any aspect of your life. Maybe nothing came to mind. That would have been true for me when I was being crushed by debt. Through my experience, I learned firsthand that debt and unconscious spending steal our dreams.

Regardless of your answer, or non-answer, it’s possible to bring your dreams to life and ignite your passion for change. Start with this exercise. Set aside 60 to 90 minutes to get the most out of it.

Grab your journal – If you don’t have one, now would be the perfect time to start one. It can be as simple as a $1 notebook. If you are a more visual person, your journaling can take the form of a collage or dream board. However you choose to connect to the deepest parts of yourself is perfect.

I recommend pouring your favorite drink and finding a quiet place where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, reactions and answers to these 10 questions and statements.

Take your time – avoid short answers. Feel free to journal about whatever comes up. After all, the most exciting and illuminating thoughts reside in the corners of your mind.

1. Whoever has the most toys wins.

2. I am most happy when I’m -----------------------.

3. Who are the essential people in your life?

4. What would the people who know you best say your most significant talents are?

5. What do, and don’t, you enjoy about your work?

6. What do you dream of creating?

7. What would you love to have, experience or buy?

8. When your life is ideal, what type of people surround you?

9. How is your physical health? What changes might you make to improve it?

10. Describe your ideal day, week, month and year.

After you have completed writing, read your answers. Then go for a 30-minute walk. Allow your mind to wander as you stay in this contemplative state of mind.

Returning to your journal, describe the life of your dreams. Be as specific as you can be. Consider your relationships, career, finances, health, spiritual life and the environment in which you live, work and play. Make a date to sit down with a friend, partner or spouse – someone significant in your life – to share what you’ve learned. Sharing your insights is a powerful way to anchor them. Ask them to be curious, but not critical. Dreams can be fragile at this stage.

Change, sacrifice and radical action are all that stand between you and the life of your dreams.

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