Bridge scores

Friday, Aug. 3, 2018 5:55 PM

Durango Bridge Club ScoresJuly 26Non-Life Master

First: J. Skjold, I. Watters

Second: J. Goldstein, S. Zerbe

Third: K. Hasz, R. Houston

Fourth: D. and S. Saunders

July 27Open Pairs

First: C. and J. McFarland

Second: R. Houston, J. McFarland

Third: W. Caplan, D. Squires

July 30Zero-to-20 Master Points

First: S. Caplan, S. Westerwick

Second: C. House, B. Norton

Third: C. and T. Bray

Fourth: S. Mondin, L. Wilkinson

Fifth: N. Carlson, J. Hayes

Sixth: S. Kral, L. MacKenzie

July 30Open Pairs

First: S. Brown, B. Hillmer

Second: W. Caplan, D. Squires

Second: R. Houston, P. Pettinato

Fourth: C. and J. McFarland

Fifth: J. and W. Beatty

Fifth: S. Croom, M. Harlow

July 31Open Pairs

First: W. Caplan, D. Squires

Second: J. Beatty, C. Campbell

Third: M.J. Clark, S. White

Fourth: S. Brown, J. Wallace

Fifth: R. Houston, D. Simpson

Sixth: B. Hillmer, C.L. Lappen