Dolores school district seeks bids for new bus garage

Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018 10:49 AM
The Dolores School board is seeking a bid to build a bus garage at the transportation center west of town.

A plan for a new bus garage for Dolores Schools will be put out for rebid, board members decided at their meeting last week.

Previous bids came in higher than what was budgeted for the project, reported district Superintendent Phil Kasper. The board voted to set the maximum price at $300,000 for a two-bay, ventilated garage large enough for school buses.

The new 3,600-square-foot metal building would also house an office and an employee break room. The plans include a mechanic’s trench and bus washing equipment. The new garage would be located north of the bus parking area.

The transportation department manages 16 school vehicles, including the bus fleet. The current transportation facility is outdated, inefficient and unsafe for workers, said Larry Funk, transportation coordinator. The one mechanic bay is not large enough for one bus the heating and ventilation systems are poor and the roof leaks.

Except for some minor changes, the architect’s plans and soil testing have been completed for the new building project. If the plan goes forward for a new garage, the old transportation building will remain for storage purposes.