Bridge scores

Friday, Aug. 17, 2018 9:03 PM

Durango Bridge Club ScoresAug. 9Non-Life Master

First: J. Mercer, J. Walter

Second: C. and J. McFarland

Third: L. Hawk, C. Schadt

Third: J. Mullins, M. Zempel

Fifth: B. Chambers, J. Skjold

Aug. 10Open Pairs

First: W. Caplan, D. Squires

Second: C. and J. McFarland

Third: P. Pettinato, S. Saunders

Aug. 13Zero-to-20 Master Points

First: S. Caplan, S. Westerwick

First: J. Newlin, B. Tomberlin

Third: N. and Y. Beans

Fourth: S. Mondin, L. Wilkinson

Open Pairs

First: D. Sher, A. Westerwick

Second: D. and S. Saunders

Third: J. Mullins, M. Zempel

Fourth: S. Brown, C. Campbell

Fifth: J. and W. Beatty

Sixth: J. Burpee, L. Strausbauch

Seventh: J. Cecka, P. Pettinato

Eighth: C. and J. McFarland

Ninth: M.J. Clark, A. Westerwick

Aug. 14Open Pairs

First: L. Leonard, S. McInturff

Second: J. Beatty, C. Campbell

Third: B. Dodson, S. White

Fourth: S. Brown, J. Wallace

Fifth: C. and J. McFarland