Trump crows at dawn and GOP is quiet

Saturday, Aug. 18, 2018 3:58 AM

Beginning almost daily with his first tweet, the cock crowing at dawn, Trump’s contempt for truth, his cultivation of public ignorance, his vanity, his boasting, his appeals to prejudice, his ignorance of history, his dismissiveness of science, his indifference to environmental concerns, his practice of surrounding himself with sycophants and unprincipled opportunists, his adulation of autocrats coupled with disparagement of democratic leaders and our traditional allies, his attacks on the press, the Justice Department, the FBI, and on judicial proceedings to which he takes offense, his contempt for civil liberties, his greed, racism, hubris and incompetence, his cruelty, even to innocent children, are the stuff of tragedy surpassing that of Shakespeare’s King Lear.

Loathsome as Trump is, he is a sufficiently gifted demagogue and con artist to have gained the loyalty of most Republican voters. As a result, Republican politicians who denounce him or propose to restrain him have been unable to win primary elections against opponents who propagate his confabulations. This grave problem would begin to fade away and our country would instantly be revitalized if Republican politicians – surely a majority of them – who are aware that Trump is grossly unfit morally, intellectually and temperamentally to be president were themselves decent enough to put country over party and right over wrong to say so.

Edward Packard