Local candidates’ bad behavior annoys

Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2018 9:55 PM

Thank you to Laurie Meininger for speaking out about the misogyny and jokes demeaning women displayed at the local rodeo (“Misogyny and politicking at rodeo: Stop,” Aug. 16). Such disgusting behavior should not be tolerated anywhere but especially by candidates for political office. (Yes, I know about the nasty president. Him, too.) Candidates like Charles Hamby and Colton Black may enjoy that type of humor, but I suspect the majority of La Plata County voters don’t.

The county treasurer’s race presents its own problem considering the messy campaign finance reports filed by the current treasurer and other issues that have plagued the office. Many voters didn’t learn of the problems until after early voting had begun and the Herald’s endorsement of Ms. Aichele, thereby presenting some voters with a quandary as to whom to vote for in November.

Ms. Meininger has cleared up the problem for me. I will not happily vote for the current treasurer, but I could never vote for someone who willingly yuks it up at unacceptable behavior and continues to work for an employer who paid billions in fines after victimizing their own customers. Thank you, Ms. Meininger, for clearing up any confusion as to who is the more badly behaved in this race.

Leah Karotkin