Got zucchini?

Thursday, Aug. 23, 2018 1:17 PM
Arnold Ngumbao, known locally as Chef Safari, carves a squash Saturday for Pine River Library’s fourth annual Zucchini Extravaganza.
Contestants in the competition for biggest squash ranged from six to almost 10 pounds. The winner was Gabe of All Seasons Farm.
Agave is this year’s band at the Pine River Library’s annual Zucchini Extravaganza.

Zucchini season means it’s time to carve, decorate, weigh, slingshot, and yes, even eat, that prolific squash.

On Saturday, the Pine River Library held its fourth annual Zucchini Extravaganza, held in conjunction with Tour de Farms, an event hosted by Pine River Shares. The Pine River Garden Club also participated.

There were contests for best-dressed, best-carved, biggest and ugliest squash.

Lauri Schell’s delightful dachshund made from a zuke and other vegetables and fruits won the best-dressed category. Winners received a felted squash necklace made by Linda Smith of the Pine River Garden Club.

Second place went to Lorelei and Lily, and Samson Drake took third place.

In the carving category, Illyria took first place, followed by Claire in second and Lincoln in third, with some entrants providing only their first names.

In the ugly squash category, Lincoln took first, and Yan Yan won second.

The largest squash award went to Gabe of All Season Farm. Debbie Pennington had the second-heaviest squash, and gardener Katie Middleton took third.

Local gardeners brought their favorite zucchini dish for a potluck, and hotdogs were served with zucchini relish. After a mishap with a broken window last year, the zucchini slingshot event was changed to shoot pieces of squash, not the entire vegetable, in the library parking lot.

The Extravaganza was held after the annual Tour de Farms sponsored by Pine River Shares to highlight local food production.