San Juan National Forest hiring temporary positions for 2019

Thursday, Aug. 23, 2018 1:45 PM

The San Juan National Forest seasonal hiring will begin earlier for employment next spring.

Hiring for the San Juan National Forest will be combined with the hiring process across the Rocky Mountain region. The Rocky Mountain region announced the availability of more than 900 temporary jobs for the 2019 field season throughout national forests and grasslands in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. Some 60 jobs will be with the San Juan National Forest.

Temporary jobs, not exceeding six months, are available in areas such as fire, trails, forestry, engineering, wildlife, hydrology and recreation.

The San Juan National Forest will hire more than 25 fire jobs and more than 35 nonfire jobs in trails, timber, reforestation, hydrology, engineering, range and fish and wildlife.

Job-seekers can apply for temporary jobs through USAJOBS during these time frames:

From Sept. 14 to Oct. 12: wildland fire jobs and other early-season temporary jobs.From Sept. 14 to Sept. 28: recreation, fisheries, forestry, engineering and other jobs.Temporary job opportunities are searchable online at Job-seekers can apply through USAJOBS during the applicable time frames at

Temporary and permanent job opportunities can also be found online at:

Applicants should apply to the specific vacancy announcement that will be posted on Interested individuals should apply to all the positions and duty locations where they would be willing to accept an offer. Applicants are encouraged to update their profiles and resumes within USAJOBS every 60 days to ensure their application remains active.

Candidates will be selected in January and work will begin in the spring – from March to May, depending on the position.