Say ‘enough’ to Trump, vote Mitsch Bush

Friday, Aug. 24, 2018 10:13 PM

Steve Bannon was interviewed a few days ago. Sorting through the ideological fuzz, he claims the November elections will be an up-or-down vote on the Trump agenda. Photos of President Donald Trump’s rallies show signs reading: “Promises Made/Promises Kept.”

Well, he promised to bring back coal, build a wall paid for by Mexico, replace Obamacare and so on.

How about the Korean peninsula? We are sleeping better because that problem is solved despite the North Koreans’ continued uranium enrichment and nuclear warhead work.

That tax cut? It works if you’re already wealthy – and is your income soaring as the tax cut trickles down?

What about Helsinki? That looked like promises made to Russia President Vladimir Putin and kept.

He promised to keep MS-13 from pouring across the border and voting Democratic, and separating children and parents did the trick.

He promised Big Energy millions of new acres and gave them Bears Ears.

Then there’s draining the swamp.

Enough, it all seems so unending.

Bannon says voting Republican approves all this and asks for more. You vote for Rep. Scott Tipton in our congressional district, you get a “yes” on anything the administration proposes because Tipton approves whatever leadership drops on his desk without so much as a squeak.

Diane Mitsch Bush owes nothing to Big Money, Dark Money, the NRA. Her donors are here in Colorado. She has made pocketbook, health care and essential social promises she can keep, and her voice will rise with the Democratic chorus to squelch this Trump agenda.

Leo Cohen