Rodeo’s misogyny, cruelty predictable

Friday, Aug. 24, 2018 10:14 PM

Letter-writer Laurie Meininger is surprised by the rodeo’s rampant misogyny (“Misogyny and politicking at rodeo: Stop,” Aug. 16).

She shouldn’t be. Sexism is inherent in rodeo.

Here’s a favorite quote from a Wyoming steer wrestler: “Women should not rodeo any more than men can have babies. Women were put on earth to reproduce, and are close to animals ...”


For the record, rodeo is not a “sport.” True sport involves willing, equally-matched participants. Rodeo does not qualify.

For most of the animals involved, rodeo is merely a detour en route to the slaughterhouse. They (and we) deserve better.

Rodeo is condemned by every major animal welfare organization in the U.S. due to its inherent cruelty. Most don’t even provide on-site veterinary care for injured animals, to their shame – animal injuries, deaths and suffering are routine.

Legislation should be introduced in every state every year to outlaw rodeos nationwide.

Until that happy day, boycott all rodeos and their sponsors.

Eric Mills, coordinator, Action for Animals

Oakland, California