Keep Albuquerque, I want Colorado news

Friday, Aug. 24, 2018 10:16 PM

I am a resident of La Plata County and have been for 37 years. I live in the mountains so I have no access to cable television or any station that may be available to Durango with the use of an antenna.

I would like to respond to Ms. Michelle Donaldson, vice president and general manager of KOB-TV. (“Southwest Colorado television viewers in for another year of New Mexico politics, crime,” Aug. 19). She asks the reason for La Plata County needing Denver programming. She asks, “What is the compelling argument?” She states that no one else is providing better service to this region. She believes that the history of Albuquerque coverage of our county has benefited the residents here. She is welcome to her opinions, but I have a different one.

To her statement that no one else is doing a better job of providing coverage, no one else has had the chance to provide us coverage. Albuquerque stations have had a monopoly on broadcasting to this area for as long as satellite TV has been offered. As far as a compelling argument to changing to Denver broadcasting, we who live in La Plata and Montezuma counties, live in Colorado, not New Mexico.

We would like to have access to our state’s news and political information. Before every election, we become highly versed in who is running for what in New Mexico and Albuquerque. We do not, however, get any information on the elections in our own state. We have to make an effort to find out information when everyone else in the country has their state’s information spoon-fed to them, including New Mexico citizens.

If I had wanted to live in New Mexico, I would have chosen to do so.

Laura Catton