Please cover Fiesta Days next time

Friday, Aug. 24, 2018 10:16 PM

So glad to see such good coverage on the La Plata County Fair! Thank you! However, your coverage of the Spanish Trails Fiesta was pathetic. Times for events were not published until the weekend paper, so parade count was limited.

Editors need to remember that Durango was FIRST a Western ranching community. I know your clientele has changed, but some extended coverage with large pictures sure would have been nice to see! Maybe this would encourage the people of this community to support Fiesta Days like they do Snowdown!

These activities are all important, and as a paper, it should be a voice for all the people to celebrate, not just a select few.

I believe The Durango Herald can cover all the events in the town so that each group is happy!

Too late for this year, but maybe next?

Mary Lou Baughman