That’s just how rodeos are; vote Hamby

Friday, Aug. 24, 2018 10:19 PM

Apparently, Laurie Meininger has never attended a rodeo before (“Misogyny and politicking at rodeo: Stop,” Aug. 19). That is what a rodeo clown does, tells jokes and entertains the crowd.

My hat is off to Charles Hamby for spending his hard-earned money supporting and advertising at our local rodeo. Every bucking chute is sponsored by an advertiser and the announcer promotes the advertiser when referring to the contestant using that chute.

Hamby paid for that advertising as did others.

Meininger should be more concerned with the facts surrounding the performance of the current La Plata County Sheriff’s Office. Our son had his $20,000 Razor (an off-road vehicle) stolen last year, and when he spotted the stolen Razor, he took pursuit.

He called the Sheriff’s Office for backup and was told a deputy would come out and investigate in the morning.

The Razor has not been located to date even though it was spotted several times.

A neighbor took the license plate of a person stealing from his property and reported it to the Sheriff’s Office. A deputy wouldn’t come out and investigate until after a week of complaining.

Then the thief was caught and all the items returned.

A neighbor’s garage was broke into and the thief was apprehended in Cortez. The Sheriff’s Office said they didn’t have the funds to extradite the thief to La Plata County. The victim even offered to pay the expenses.

This is a sample of the reasons why I am supporting a man with 29 years law enforcement experience – Charles Hamby for sheriff.

Davin Montoya