Albuquerque TV should put up or scram

Friday, Aug. 24, 2018 10:24 PM

Regarding the article “Southwest Colorado television viewers in for another year of New Mexico politics, crime” (Aug. 19) – Get used to it? Really? Still? What is wrong with this picture, other than it originating in Albuquerque? What is it that the Albuquerque broadcasters and Michelle Donaldson of KOB-TV, in particular, don’t get? How uninformed can they be?

From where she sits in Albuquerque, Donaldson feels it is incredibly unfair to have KOB-TV dedicate resources to deliver service and coverage only to have it cut off. Aren’t those same resources being used throughout the Albuquerque market area, including Farmington? What exactly is it that is being cut off? And it wouldn’t be cut off for those of us in the county using antennas.

Donaldson also says that she hasn’t heard of “somebody else ... doing a better job” of servicing La Plata County. Of course not. It is not allowed and is unattainable without FCC intervention!

Denver Broncos games aside, what those in opposition fail to realize or even care about is that they provide essentially nothing in the way of local or Colorado news, weather, sports, politics or emergency information; limited coverage of the recent 416 Fire being an exception, as are the temperature numbers over Durango on the New Mexico TV weather maps.

If they oppose La Plata County’s petition, they should be required to demonstrate that they provide the same level of coverage as in-state broadcasters or make modifications to do so, or withdraw their opposition.

Dennis Berkey