Albuquerque TV argument is weak tea

Monday, Aug. 27, 2018 12:42 AM

Michelle Donaldson’s argument to keep Durango in the Albuquerque market (“Southwest Colorado television viewers in for another year of New Mexico politics, crime,” Herald, Aug. 19) is a convoluted one. Her quote: “What is the compelling argument? The one argument that I haven’t heard is that somebody else is doing a better job providing service to that region.” Since KOB and other Albuquerque television stations won’t allow anyone else to provide service in Durango, how is it possible for people to realize the service would be better? I, for one, will say that Albuquerque stations are not providing adequate service, since they refuse to broadcast up-to-date stories from the Colorado Legislature, statewide weather updates from Colorado and most especially, ads and other pertinent information about Colorado politics during election years.

Carol Simmons