The Blotter

Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2018 3:17 PM

Durango Police


9:44 a.m. Someone reported two men were searching for a suspicious bag that was found behind the La Plata County Assessor’s Office, 1101 East Second Ave.

1:08 p.m. Someone found a suspicious substance at Mountain Bike Specialists, 949 Main Ave.

2:36 p.m. Two men were sleeping in an alley in the 600 block of Narrow Gauge Avenue.

3:04 p.m. A man was sleeping on the sidewalk at Eighth Street and Main Avenue.

3:19 p.m. Officers arrested a man who was passed out in the west 100 block of Eighth Street.

4:37 p.m. A drunken man was passed out in the parking lot next to Magpies Newsstand Cafe, 707 Main Ave.

4:48 p.m. A man was drinking an open container of alcohol at Durango Transit Center, 250 W. Eighth St. Police made an arrest.

6:23 p.m. A man with a knife was being violent in the west 200 block of Eighth Street.

6:37 p.m. Someone reported that a man looked like he was about to jump off the bridge in the 1000 block of South Camino del Rio.

9:18 p.m. Officers arrested someone who assaulted a woman at Fairfield Inn and Suites, 21719 U.S. Highway 160.


1:23 a.m. A brush fire started on a hill near Santa Rita Park, 149 South Camino del Rio.

1:26 a.m. Someone reported they heard two gunshots from a house in the 100 block of East Fourth Avenue.

Durango Fire

Firefighters and medics responded to nine calls Monday, including a cardiac or respiratory arrest, a hemorrhage or laceration, an overdose or poisoning and someone who fell.

Most items in this column are taken from logs of calls made to authorities. Their accuracy may not have been verified by an investigation.