Rodeo plus misogyny, on top of cruelty

Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2018 4:26 PM

So let me get this straight. Rodeo: a so-called sport (although the animals are not willing participants) in which the neck of a steer is twisted as the animal is violently thrown to the ground. The steer is possibly prodded before leaving the chute.

Horses are strapped behind the rib cage so they buck in pain. Calves are frightened babies roped as the “brave” adult human jumps from a moving horse!

Larry McMurty in the 1994 book “Rodeo” writes: “No one on a working ranch would ever have any reason (or desire) to ride a bull, Brahma or otherwise. No one would ever be required to race a horse around three triangularly placed barrels, an activity that quickly ruins the horse for more productive activity. Bull riding and barrel racing are rodeo kabuki – their relation to anything that might happen on a ranch is confined to costume.”

If this isn’t enough suffering in the arena, those watching heard political ads from selected candidates, so one can assume said candidates are OK with this cruelty. (“Misogyny and politicking at rodeo: Stop,” Aug. 16.)

The participants are in no danger. It is all show biz.

Maybe folks should consider that before they attend rodeo or go to the ballot box.

Beatrice J. Simpson

South Pasadena, California