That Albuquerque TV is oppressing us

Friday, Aug. 31, 2018 12:41 AM

In your story about our still not being able to receive Denver TV (“Southwest Colorado television viewers in for another year of New Mexico politics, crime,” Herald, Aug. 19), Michelle Donaldson, vice president and general manager of Albuquerque KOB-TV is quoted as saying “the one argument I haven’t heard is that somebody else is doing a better job providing service and that is what this is about.” That is so laughable!

La Plata County TV viewers should be the ones to decide that. We are being held hostage and prevented from viewing other options. Would she like to be forced to watch Denver TV with just an occasional news item of Albuquerque or New Mexico? Doesn’t she understand it’s not just about the Broncos and lack of Colorado political coverage? It’s about being a full-fledged part of our state and aware of everything going on in Colorado – news, sports, weather, politics and many other programs about Colorado.

Many people have families and friends who live in Denver or the Front Range. Their stories and news are our stories and news to share and be aware of.

It appears that everyone is waiting for someone else to make a decision. Who do we need to focus our frustrations and voices to? The FCC? Albuquerque TV stations? Dish Network or DirectTV? Or the Colorado Broadcasters Association?

Durango Herald, elected and town and county officials, please help us with this. This has gone on too long.

Malcolm Perkins