Turn injustices into votes for Democrats

Friday, Aug. 31, 2018 4:57 PM

Imagine fleeing violence and poverty, leaving loved ones, carrying toddlers for hundreds of miles, hungry, fearful of being robbed, raped or murdered and being amazingly lucky making it to the U.S. border and then having your dreams of a better life in the land of the free shattered by being told you are not welcome, your kids torn from you and then the parents being deported without their children.

What next does President Donald Trump have planned, concentration camps and gas chambers? What godless, satanic, heartless animal would do this? Not Hitler nor Stalin, but our own poster child for hate and intolerance. Yes, the draft dodging Donny Trump, that traitor-in-chief has no empathy.

Seventy percent of this country dislikes Trump and what he stands for. We can stop his agenda if we all get out and vote against Trump Republicans. Vote like your rights depend on it because they do.

I really shouldn’t criticize Trump because that vengeful bastard will pull my Social Security.

Let’s have a fair election this time around with no Russian interference and vote Democrats in. You know Dirty Don and his girlfriend and master Putin are planning evil things together behind closed doors. Daffy Don is a traitor to this once great nation. SAD!

If we can get enough Democrats and independents into Congress this November, we would have a good chance to impeach Baby Huey. Vote out the trumpets and vote in honesty and American values. Get out and vote!

Gerry Fleming