Mayor, councilman are behaving badly

Friday, Aug. 31, 2018 4:59 PM

I would encourage all citizens to visit the city of Durango website and watch the first 32 minutes of the Aug. 21, 2018, City Council meeting. Make sure you watch through to the 32-minute mark. You will be shocked at the treatment of a citizen by two of our elected officials.

During this meeting, a concerned citizen took the time to prepare a presentation to fit within the 3-minute time limit established for citizen input and he attempted to tackle a very complex issue. This presentation included an alternative way to fund a new police station and street improvements that did not involve raising our property and sales taxes. (Yes, there are alternatives to the pending tax increase the city is seeking this November!)

This presentation was met with a fierce rebuke from Mayor Sweetie Marbury with an assist from Councilman Dean Brookie who more or less chastised a citizen for daring to make a constructive suggestion of a way to fund needs without raising taxes and for daring to ask to see an agenda and minutes from meetings held by the city council at retreats in 2017 and 2018.

It is no wonder more citizens do not speak at city council meetings. I really think that the mayor and Councilman Brookie owe this citizen an apology in addition to thanking him for attempting to offer a constructive solution to a problem and for participating in the public process within the constraints established by the city.

Jay Bruton