There should be a statue of a firefighter

Friday, Aug. 31, 2018 5:01 PM

This is a proposal for a campaign to erect a statue/monument comparable to the bikers on Florida Road to recognize and honor firefighters and to be a testament to the special nature and uniqueness of both Durango and Silverton in their response to crises and to those in need.

This project would also recognize all involved in firefighting efforts and those affected – fire departments, first responders, the Forest Service, charitable organizations and businesses, residents of both cities – by featuring a firefighter(s) as the main figure(s) with either a collage, bricks or plaques representing all of the others.

This should be an inclusive public project, sponsored by no single person or organization but rather by everyone in town with support and contributions as an opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation.

This requires more expertise than I have – soliciting proposals, getting bids, working with the arts council and city, obtaining a very visible public location on land owned and donated by the city, involving the media, obtaining and strictly monitoring donations through a bank-administered fund.

A dollar or two from everyone in town should cover the cost of the entire project. The public could submit ideas and a committee could choose a title for the statue – something like Gratitude? Our Communities Respond? – with a public dedication on completion.

Please contact me at if you would like to help initiate this project or offer suggestions.

Katherine A. Reynolds