Dear Sen. McCain, you will be missed

Sunday, Sept. 2, 2018 9:04 PM

Senator McCain, I was never a member of your political party, I often disagreed with your ideas and I would not have voted for you as president. However, I do admire your character and the manner in which you fulfilled the role as U.S. senator.

I admire your willingness to work with the opposition, the courage and independence you displayed when disagreeing with members and policies of your party, the respect and sincerity you showed for the people you served and for the position you held, your willingness to openly admit to mistakes, the civility that you displayed towards others whom you disagreed with, your efforts to foster respect by the American people for the institutions of our government and the members who served in those institutions, and last but not least, the dedication and devotion that you have shown toward our country.

Whitey Powers