It happened to me and I left Durango

Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018 4:57 PM

I had a similar experience to the folks in “When I saw the yellow envelope, I saw red” (Aug. 24). I was parked in the last spot on the west side of Main Avenue near the intersection of 11th Street in front of Alpine Bank. There was a generous loading zone behind me before the corner. I have a Silverado 1500 standard cab with a short bed, so it wasn’t nearly as big as a full-bore four-door.

The parking spots aren’t that big to begin with and the person parked in front of me was at the very end of their spot, so I backed up just a little to give him some room if he left before me.

Needless to say, I got a ticket for being over the line, and it was less than a foot.

I took a picture with my phone and appealed it. Some appeal that was. I was simply told NO by a grouchy attendant behind the glass at the bus station.

Since then, I have moved my office back to home in Mancos and only return for doctor’s visits and lunch at Ken and Sue’s.

Parking on Main is going to also get someone killed. I can’t count the times someone has walked out to the driver’s side or was getting out of the driver’s side of a parked car with precious little room to avoid them.

It needs be changed into a one lane in either direction or made into a pedestrian mall.

Terry A. Moores