Scofflaws posting flyers and parking

Friday, Sept. 7, 2018 3:59 PM

To the person who distributed a flyer on Saturday morning for a meeting: You did not do your cause any favors by irritating homeowners.

Whoever posted the flyer trespassed on private property, removed a reflective sticker that was on my gatepost for safety, and used the sticker to mount a flyer on our mailbox.

This person was guilty of the following violations: trespassing, petty theft, removing a safety feature, littering and posting an item on a mailbox that was not a mail item.

On another note but a similar mind set: What gave the guy from New Mexico with his monster truck the right to take more than one parking space? The whiny article in the Herald on Saturday was unnecessary (“When I saw the yellow envelope, I saw red”). Larry Kerr should have fed both meters. This is the same logic of out-of-staters who use a handicap space because they think the law does not apply to them.

Eric Greene