Sheriff inconsistent on law enforcement

Friday, Sept. 7, 2018 3:44 PM

On Aug. 16, 2014, Sean Smith sent the Durango Gun Club a letter. In this letter, he stated: “With that said, the sheriff’s job is to enforce laws! So, until the court or the Legislature make changes to the new laws, they are the law of the state of Colorado and the sheriff has a duty to enforce them. For this reason, I have stated publicly that I will enforce these laws.”

In a Herald article, it is stated: “If elected, Smith said he wouldn’t consider himself the final arbiter of a law’s constitutionality. He said it is legislators’ job to pass legislation, and the Constitution provides a remedy for people who object to laws legislators pass: judicial review” (“Battle for sheriff riddled with tension between boss, deputy,” Oct. 4, 2014).

Smith has failed us in this promise by not enforcing our homeless laws and camping laws. He has chosen instead to not enforce laws he doesn’t believe in.

Smith also stated in this same letter: “I think we can follow this example and build a new (gun) range that we can all be proud of. I believe time is of the essence because in four years, there is no guarantee that the current lease on CR 213 will be renewed. I have a proven track record of coordinating projects like this and I believe I will be able to transform my vision into a reality.”

Smith has yet to follow through with this. Smith has failed us with broken campaign promises and not protecting the tax-paying residents of this county.

Holly Hott