About those oil and gas setbacks: Think

Friday, Sept. 7, 2018 3:19 PM

Why do you think the oil and gas industry has directional drilling? The setbacks will not affect anyone. They can drill from thousands of yards away and not affect anyone. Who is fooling whom?

Vote for setbacks. I live in an area that has gas wells right next to people’s houses. I can smell it all the time. Look at Sunnyside school. A pump jack right next to the school. How horrible is that?

If you don’t live next to it, then no worries. If you deny the setbacks, it will soon be next to you. Schools, your health and your livelihood will be affected.

This is the time to speak out, La Plata County and Durango. Been watching this for 45 years. This is our voice. We have the gas and they want it.

Think, please.

George Zollinger