Cartoon Trump as devil was deplorable

Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018 3:57 PM

I believe your biased and liberal newspaper has reached a new low-level reporting milestone.

The cartoon you have chosen to reproduce and publish (Aug. 31) slanders and demeans those of us who are Christians, depicting that we, Christians, would side with the devil.

This cartoon also tells me that our faith membership may be viewed as not “properly educated“ to determine right from wrong.

In addition, you are depicting the president of our United States as the devil. Whether you like, dislike or are somewhere in the middle on President Trump, the office of the president of The United States deserves proper respect.

Other than hiding behind your right to free speech, who gives your “newspaper“ the moral, religious or ethical right (or you may assert “obligation“) to make such depictions? What are you trying to portray and persuade to you readership?

It’s obvious to me and it’s deplorable.

I don’t believe this is what our country’s Founders thought free speech is all about.

John Flautt