Pitkin County considers increased fees to offset energy use

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018 10:00 AM

ASPEN – Pitkin County commissioners are considering increased fees to mitigate the environmental impact of energy used in larger homes being built in the Aspen area.

The county’s Renewable Energy Mitigation Program collects fees based on the size of new homes larger than 5,750 square feet.

The Aspen Times reports commissioners on Tuesday discussed the possibility of increasing the fee on each excess square foot from $1 to up to $60. Fees are also charged for snow melting systems and outdoor swimming pools and spas.

The county uses the money on renewable energy projects or as rebates for energy efficiency work at other residences.

Homeowners can offset the fees by installing renewable energy systems, such as solar energy or geothermal heat.

Commissioners did not take immediate action on any of the proposals.