Rat sightings becoming more common in Denver, statewide

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018 11:35 AM

DENVER – Denver officials say the increased sightings of rats at a city park are part of a growing number of rats citywide and statewide.

The Denver Post reports city officials say while the rats aren’t usually seen during the day, telltale signs of burrowing and chewing have been significantly more common at Civic Center park in the last year.

A Denver Post reporter who recently visited the park says she saw a swaying patch of grass containing “giant rats.”

Parks spokesman Cyndi Karvaski says rats are thriving in Denver because the city’s growing population means there is “an increase in people leaving trash,” a food source for the rodents.

Deputy Parks Director Scott Gilmore says rodent reports were most common in December and January, and the city has managed to reduce their numbers.